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  50th Birthday, Rome, 2014

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50th Birthday, Maison Champs Elysées, Paris, 2012


Graduation party, New Rochelle, New York, 2006

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  the show


it is a multimedia concert where the translations of the songs are projected onto the dress, alcove curtain and walls.

the show is available in french, english, italian, german, spanish, swedish, greek, japanese, chinese, korean, arab, flemish, turkish, hebrew, russian

lyrics: nicole renaud ;

music: n. renaud & uli geissendoerfer ;

scenography & costume: jacques perdigues

couleurs live at the opéra de limoges excerpts, 2'58"                          
couleurs live at l'institut français napoli excerpts in duo with cellist 1'59"
scenography by jacques perdigues                                
originally trained as a stylist in the école des arts appliqués, jacques perdigues now travels freely from haute couture to cinema, theater and special events. he is the recipient the premier prix christian dior. throughout his artistic adventures his main focus remains visuals. his credits includes assisting thierry mugler and galliano, designing sets and costumes for victoria chaplin, doing art direction for french cabaret star jean guidon and directing his own theater piece femme 3 at the "maison des métallos" in paris. "couleurs" is his first collaboration with nicole.                  
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the press
fr3 limoges, festival des nuits de nacre (14 sept 2012)
la croix (september 2012)

"nicole renaud a new york based french soprano with a luminous plexiglas accordion has a nice world of her own made of poetry colors and lights. she deserves so much some nice bookings."
    tulles magazine (september 2012)
front cover (the picture was made by giovanni savino)
  la repubblica (may 2012)
"the luminous accordion of soprano, nicole renaud"
  siracusa (may 2012)

"mix of sounds and colors in renaud's multimedia."
    corriere mercantile (june 19th 2011)
"nicole renaud: music, verses and fashion ... one of the key moment of the festival ..."
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il secolo XIX (june 19th 2011)
"unique and off the beaten path ... surreal dimension"
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    wall text: rotating galleries newsletter (july 2011)
"painting with chanson ... surreal visuals and ethereal music"
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      french morning / portrait by writer catherine cusset (goncourt literary award) (february 2011)
"nicole renaud's nostalgic grace: couleurs's poetry in the style of prévert ... a voice that reminds me of barbara ..."
        il mattino (october 24th 2010)
la performance: a sound and visual journey into colors
"... a soprano with an angelic voice ... a unique transparent luminous accordion ... an hour of dream ... a romantic visual and sound journey in the depth of the soul and love ... a very lively format ... a magical result ..."

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        accordéon-accordéonistes review "couleurs"
" ... in this album, nicole renaud's sound is white as snow. pure, transparent, lyrical, electroacoustic. intangible beauty, undefinable. unknown magical landscape bathed with enchanting visual music."
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          pascale richard's blog
"nicole renaud is a modern iseult seducing her tristan with her romantic ballads ... in the same vein as brigitte Fontaine or marie laforet, she is an inspiring young woman, a poet who dwells in nostalgia ..."
past dates
festival des nuits de nacre (france) - september 2012
festival suona francese (italie) - institut français napoli & siracusa may 2012
festival internazionale di poesia di genova (italie) - june 19th 2011
opéra de limoges (france) - may 10th 2011
theaterlab, new york (usa) - february, march & june 2011
galapagos, new york (usa), may2011
théâtre le temps, paris (france) - january 2011
théâtre le bout, paris (france) - september 2010
gotland international poetry festival, gotland (sweden) - august 2010
centre culturel français, annaba (algérie) - october 2010
nyu maison française, new york (usa) - may 2010
galapagos art space new york (usa) - november 2009

technical specs
nicole brings her own microphones, projector, portable circular curtain.